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April 22, 2015
7:30 - 8:30 PM EDT

Outgrowing the Child Neurologist: Medical Transition in Tourette Syndrome

Presenter: Lawrence W. Brown, MD

Dr. Brown will discuss the general goals of transition from the pediatric to the adult system of care with emphasis on the child neurologist's role in the process. It must be recognized that transition is a distinct, long term effort rather than just a final act of transfer to an adult practitioner. Tourette syndrome is complicated because so many youths have co-morbid conditions that often have a greater impact on independence and quality of life than the tics which define the disorder. Since transition planning has not been a major focus for many clinicians, it is important for families to be knowledgeable, help prepare themselves and their children, and advocate effectively with their providers to insure maximal success.

Things to DO
  • Share what it's like to have TS with your best friend
  • Create a cool story about what it's like to have TS and share it with your teachers and classmates... and us!
  • Come to our Camp Bernie weekend in June and make new friends
  • Join a TS support group (at hospitals throughout the state)
  • Become part of the online TS community for parents and friends
  • Learn more about TS, its symptoms and the TS Community
  • Educate your kid's teachers and school district about TS
  • Educate your friends about TS
  • Sign up for a Webinar
  • Volunteer your time
  • Sign up for a Workshop
  • Learn more about TS, its symptoms and the TS Community
  • Attend a hospital Grand Rounds session
  • Take a special interest in one special kid with TS
  • Become part of the online TS community for professionals
  • Tell your peers about NJCTS
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