Vlogs: Everything related to Tourette Syndrome but the kitchen sink

  • One of the lesser known learning disabilities that can be associated with Tourette Syndrome is dysgraphia.
  • IEPs and 504s are powerful learning tools that people with TS and associated disorders can use to help make the education process easier.
  • Ignorant, truly uneducated “bad” teachers can make life very rough on a student who has TS.
  • But there are also some “good” teachers who truly get what it’s like to have TS and are all about helping students through that process.
  • Anxiety is a terrible thing to have, but it’s even worse when you have TS or OCD.
  • Panic attacks are an extension of anxiety. Learn how they can develop and the effect they can have on you.
  • Many, many people with Tourette Syndrome also suffer from OCD. See how it has affected me in this video.
  • Being bi-polar isn’t fun. In fact, it can turn into a manic condition.
  • Another aspect of being bi-polar is that it can turn into depression.

There are Definite Possibilities for people with Tourette Syndrome

My name is Logan Kurtz, and I am 17 years old. I am the CEO and founder of Definite Possibilities, a website that gives people with any disability or disorder a place where they can feel comfortable and express themselves. I am also the creator of the Facebook page called Help Spread the Word about Tourette’s Syndrome.

Throughout my life with Tourettes Syndrome, challenges were always present in anything I did. Problems always occurred, whether I was ready for them or not.

“My son had a dormant Tourette’s gene. It became active when a psychiatrist went the easy route and decided to put him on a stimulant drug, Ritalin, when there was Bi-polar on the father’s genetic side. A stimulant drug should NEVER be prescribed when there is Bi-polar in the history. Within 36 hours my son’s Tourette’s gene was activated. That was 11 years ago.”

My mom said about me on Nov. 3, 2010. I have many stories to tell about my life with TS. Continue reading