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My name is Katie, I have Tourette Syndrome, OCD, and Anxiety, but it doesn't have me. I am currently a Junior in college and hope to go on to motivational speaking as a career once I graduate.

Wisdom teeth aren’t that terrifying for tics

Hey guys! So recently I got my wisdom teeth taken out and I wanted to share my experience with you. I am currently still recovering from surgery, and am sporting a little bit of chipmunk cheeks. They’re cute but I cannot wait to get rid of them! Anyways, I wanted to share what it was like to have the surgery and be in recovery because I know that before getting it I was terrified.

When I got there, I thought they were going to put me to sleep, which did not happen. I was awake throughout the whole surgery, but it went by very fast. The first thing they asked was if I liked music, and of course I said yes. The doctor asked if I had any requests to put on, and of course I said Panic! At The Disco because they are my all-time favorite band.

So he put that music on, and then gave me laughing gas. I was afraid of how the medication was going to make me feel, and if I would tic under it or not. After I was breathing in the laughing gas for a little while, he put a needle into my arm that had anesthesia.

I felt very calm and happy, and then they started the surgery. They had my arms loosely buckled down so I wouldn’t move too much, and I’m glad they did. I would have to say I had around 3 tics throughout the whole surgery, and they were arm tics, but they weren’t too powerful and didn’t interrupt anything. All in all, everything went smoothly and I was all scared for nothing.

The recovery is a pain because my mouth hurts all the time, but its getting better with each given day, I am constantly taking the medication and advil in-between to ease the pain, which is helping.

All in all, I just wanted to let you know that anyone who is going to have their wisdom teeth taken out, you’ll be fine!

Finished my junior year of college!

It is crazy to think that I just finished up my junior year of college. Next year is my last year, and then I am off trying to find a real job and an apartment, supporting myself. These past three years at Montclair have been absolutely amazing, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I’ve gone through my ups and downs with my Tourettes, OCD and anxiety, but in the end, it has all turned out for the best. I’ve also had my struggles with friends, thinking I had found good ones and then realizing how wrong I was. But luckily I found my true friends along the way, and I am so glad I did.

This past year has been one of the best ones for me. I had all of my close girlfriends on my floor in my dorm, and I made so many new, amazing friends. I met and became close with one of my suite mates for next year, and she is a sweetheart. And, I finally turned 21!!

Next year I am living in an on-campus apartment, and am so excited! After a while you’re just kind of like, “OK, I’ve had enough of the dorm life and the horrible on-campus food.” Now, I am living in an apartment with three other girls, and we have a kitchen! I am so excited to have a kitchen, you have no idea. To be able to make our own food, I am just so happy and excited!

I am trying to think of what we need for the apartment, and the only things I can really think of is a coffee maker/Keurig, a blender and a vacuum. Whoops, oh yeah, and a lot of decorations! I’m sure as the summer moves on our list will grow. Oh yeah! I tried my first cup of coffee this year!! I am really starting to like It, the only problem is it makes my tics works because of all the caffeine. Thankfully not too bad, but there is a slight increase. I’m just making it a point not to drink it every day.

I decided to make my major just sociology, and what I want to do after I graduate is work for this company that is about raising awareness for TS. I would love to later on go and do my own thing and become a motivational speaker about what I have, but this I feel would be an amazing start (if I get the job once I graduate). After that I hope to become a novelist on the side, maybe write a memoir or an autobiography, and then novels on the side.

Now for all of you that are going into college, or are in college, listen up:

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I’m back!

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been so busy with school and everything, but I’m back!!! A lot has gone on since I’ve been gone. I finally turned 21 in January, which is exciting!! I absolutely love being 21 — it’s so amazing! Also, I changed my major from education to just sociology.

Now, I know I said I wanted to become a teacher, but in the end, I decided that that;s not where my heart is. I honestly want to just become a motivational speaker for what I have, which is Tourette’s, OCD and Anxiety. (By the way, I love how my internet doesn’t know what OCD is and says it’s wrong, but it knows what COD is … that’s a problem!)

Along with that, I got a new therapist. Her name is Sharon, and she is incredible. She is not like a normal therapist, as she does not go by the books. She goes more by this meditation and talking to your highest self route. I’ll make sure to write another post about her and what she teaches me because it is so helpful, and hopefully I can help you guys, too!!

Um, I dyed my hair a reddish brown at the beginning of the semester, and then I just recently dyed it back blonde — I’ll show you guys a picture of how it is naturally, how it was red and then how it is now if I can figure that out!

Oh my goodness guys, I’m graduating next year! I cannot believe this!! I am going to be on my own and hopefully fulfilling my dreams! If I could become a motivational speaker that would honestly be the most amazing job in the world!!! I think I have an idea of where I want to work or how to come about that, but if you guys have any suggestions on how to get myself out there please let me know!!

Now let;s see, I’ve really gotten into the band The Neighbourhood — they’re really good, go check them out! They sing “Sweater Weather,” which is pretty popular on the radio.
Haha, now I’m just rambling. Anyways, that’s about it for what’s new right now! I will make sure to keep you updated!!

Talking about Tourette, school by school

Hey guys! If you have been following my posts, you know that I was diagnosed with tics when I was 7. Ever since then, I have been talking to my classes about it, even in college! I think it is so important to spread awareness of Tourette Syndrome.

Now, I know some of you might think that it is better to keep it in, or are afraid to tell others for being bullied or harassed, but you have to realize that you are only hurting yourself. I used to get so sick and tired of telling people about my tics person by person. It was humiliating and annoying, having people come up to me and say, why are you doing that? And having to explain it to every… single… person.

So my dad and I thought of telling my classmates about it the next year. It went fantastic. At first, he would only speak, because I was shy about it, but over time I began talking more and more about it. And now, in college, I do it all on my own!

Now, some of you might be wondering what we would do. Well, we would choose one day to go around to all of my classes and talk to the students. In grades 3-5, we would wait for each period and then go to the class. But in middle school we went around to my classes in my team (that was how we split up so many kids per grade — we were either in 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, or 6e). And in high school my dad would just wait in the guidance office with one of the guidance counselors who we were close with.

When going into the classroom, I would introduce myself and then tell them that I had Tourette and say what it was. My dad would then go on to talk about what it is like and some famous people such as Mozart and Tim Howard who had/have Tourette. The kids all found it very interesting. At the end, we would take questions. In college, I just go up to my classes and tell them about what it is.

The best way, I have found out, is to be open about it. You want people to learn about it and enlighten them on this disability.

It was actually pretty cool because recently, a friend of mine who is still in high school had a young man go to his school and talk about Tourette, and when asked how many people knew what Tourette was, he was able to raise his hand because of me. The man that had spoken was Marc Elliot. He had brought me home a book that Marc Elliot had written on his journey living with Tourette.

So you can do it, too! Do you have any questions for me?

Looking for chances to raise awareness!

Hey guys! It has been a while! I have been thinking a lot about wanting to raise more awareness of Tourette Syndrome, OCD and anxiety disorders. I have talked about it in some events, but I truly want to go places talking about it and raising awareness for it, as well as helping other people out by telling them my story and letting them know that there is hope.

I have always had this dream of touring the world, talking about it. I just want to help people out. If anyone knows anyone I could talk to to try and make this dream happen, please let me know!