New Canadian rock band features members with TS


Say hello to Pariah.

They’re a young, ambitious Canadian rock band, and two of their members happen to have TS.

A five-piece ensemble, Pariah hails from Mississauga and Oakville, and they all love to write music, record and perform.

The band already has their own Facebook pageTwitter account and YouTube channel. On the latter you can hear a demo and watch a video of them performing live, and if you live in the Greater Toronto Area you’ll have a chance to see them play live on Sunday, April 27, at the Rockpile West in Etobicoke, ON.

Pariah is:

Chanel Martins – Lead Vocals
Jiverny Marshall – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Dylan Murray – Lead Guitar
Justin Speers – Bass
Ian Coll – Drums

Here’s a video of them performing a song called “Adrift.”

I don’t have anyone like me in my life

My grandma, who is one of my best friends, showed me this website. I was excited that people like me can share stories and talk about our experiences together. I longed to have a spot on the website so I can do the same!

Tourette’s Syndrome affects my life because when I was about 6 years old, my mom noticed some eye blinking and throat clearing behaviors, not knowing they were tics. It’s stopped for a while, but resurfaced when I hit about 12.

Ever since I was in third grade, I stuttered. My speech was sometimes so bad I couldn’t get out sentences. That also stopped for a while, but has always found a way to come back. Around the time my tics appeared again, my stutter was in full swing, and hasn’t stopped since. I am now 14.

My mom was worried about me and was always looking up possibilities that could be causing these tics and my stutter. She thought it might be Tourette’s Syndrome, and I was in denial. I didn’t know what to do. This went on for years — no diagnosis, bad stutter, and tics. I’ve always had Tourette’s like symptoms as well — couldn’t ever fall asleep, OCD, as well as general anxiety and depression.

All still impact my life, and it’s very hard to deal with. So this past November, I went to University of Michigan to find out what’s happening to my body. The neurologist told us that I had Tourette’s Syndrome, and having a name to what was going on felt relieving, yet, I also was at a loss for where to go from there.

The neurologist also told me that my stutter was something along the lines of a vocal tic. It’s all connected in some way. So, being on this blog website would be a release for me to talk to other people like me, since I don’t have anyone like me in my life.

I’m featured in the Trenton Times and on!

Check out my story that appeared yesterday in the Trenton Times and on! It’s about the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders’ (NJCTS) Children’s Scholarship Program and the NJ Walks for TS at Princeton event this Sunday that is taking place to help support the scholarship program.

I was an NJCTS scholarship winner last year, and this year’s winners should be named in the next couple of months. This is very exciting! One of my favorite parts of the story is when they used this quote from me:

“My parents have taught me to be outspoken about Tourette syndrome and to never be ashamed.”

It’s so true! I hope you like the story. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here. I’d appreciate it!


How many of you or your children experience disinhibition? Disinhibition is a tic-like phenomenon where you have the urge to do something you shouldn’t, such as touch a hot stove, run into the street, or do something else you know you shouldn’t do.

When I was younger, I had bad disinhibition where I would put my hand in water glasses at the dinner table even though my parents had told me not to, or I would grab at people’s hair or touch dogs in the nose in a way that might bother them. Now, I have disinhabition urges that I don’t act on but they sometimes scare me or surprise me.

For example, yesterday I was cutting out a tag in my shirt and left my scissors out on my dresser. Today, I walked by my dresser and had the sudden urge to pick up my scissors and cut off a large chunk of hair. Of course, I didn’t actually act on this urge, but it sure did surprise me.

When getting on the Metro, I also have the urge/image of myself jumping in front of it and onto the tracks right as it is coming at me full speed. Same thing, of coursem I wouldn’t ever actually act on the urge. I don’t want jump in front of the Metro, but my body nonetheless has the urge to. That’s just disinhibition for you.

When I told my friend today about this she said that it sounded really scary. She said she couldn’t even imagine wanting to do something that she know she shouldn’t do or having her body tell her to do something that would surprise her.

It’s funny because I half expected her to say, “Oh yeah, that happens to me too sometimes.” Living in this body and having these urges for my entire life is something that is so normal for me that I expect other people to have the same urges or feel the same way.

Of course, it’s my Tourette’s and other people without Tourette’s don’t experience these things that I do, but that does really come as a surprise to me sometimes because it’s just so normal for me.

I’m back!

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve been so busy with school and everything, but I’m back!!! A lot has gone on since I’ve been gone. I finally turned 21 in January, which is exciting!! I absolutely love being 21 — it’s so amazing! Also, I changed my major from education to just sociology.

Now, I know I said I wanted to become a teacher, but in the end, I decided that that;s not where my heart is. I honestly want to just become a motivational speaker for what I have, which is Tourette’s, OCD and Anxiety. (By the way, I love how my internet doesn’t know what OCD is and says it’s wrong, but it knows what COD is … that’s a problem!)

Along with that, I got a new therapist. Her name is Sharon, and she is incredible. She is not like a normal therapist, as she does not go by the books. She goes more by this meditation and talking to your highest self route. I’ll make sure to write another post about her and what she teaches me because it is so helpful, and hopefully I can help you guys, too!!

Um, I dyed my hair a reddish brown at the beginning of the semester, and then I just recently dyed it back blonde — I’ll show you guys a picture of how it is naturally, how it was red and then how it is now if I can figure that out!

Oh my goodness guys, I’m graduating next year! I cannot believe this!! I am going to be on my own and hopefully fulfilling my dreams! If I could become a motivational speaker that would honestly be the most amazing job in the world!!! I think I have an idea of where I want to work or how to come about that, but if you guys have any suggestions on how to get myself out there please let me know!!

Now let;s see, I’ve really gotten into the band The Neighbourhood — they’re really good, go check them out! They sing “Sweater Weather,” which is pretty popular on the radio.
Haha, now I’m just rambling. Anyways, that’s about it for what’s new right now! I will make sure to keep you updated!!