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Information for Professionals

Information for Professionals

Coordinated Services / Resources for Families

Support Groups Families with TS and Associated Disorders can share and learn from the experiences of others through our family support group program held at six hospitals throughout the state. For a list of support groups Click Here.

TSANJ's Discussion Board offers a forum for online sharing and advice from others who may have had similar issues. Visit: http://www.tsanj.org/tsanj/resources/discussion.shtml for a list of topics and open forums.

Wednesday is TS Day! is an opportunity to build awareness, advocate for kids with TS and learn. Visit the Wednesday is TS Day! page to see what to do and how to help.

The TS Clinic at Rutgers is a University-based collaboration between NJCTS and the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. Clinicians and clinical psychology doctoral students work under the supervision a doctoral level licensed psychologist to assess, treat and support individuals and families who are living with TS. Rutgers Clinic services include: cognitive behavioral therapy treatments for OCD, ADHD, ADD, anxiety disorders, mood and sleep disorders; behavioral intervention planning within the home or school environments; educational consultation and training to schools on TS and behavioral concerns; family therapy; and social skills groups. To schedule an appointment, call 732-445-6111 ext 930.

For more info, visit http://gsappweb.rutgers.edu/clinic/ts-clinic.php