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Information for Families

Information for Families

New Jersey’s TS Community

There are over 28,000 kids with TS in New Jersey alone, and our commitment is to help identify and provide help for them and their families. We do this with outreach, referrals, education and direct contact through both NJCTS and collaboration with groups like the Tourette Syndrome Association of New Jersey, Inc.

You may wish to join a support group to meet other families in your area and attend helpful educational seminars

You can sign up for an online webinar through our Wednesday is TS Day! series

Volunteering is a good way to meet other TS folks and to give back to those in need

We are involved in some very exciting research projects, including the creation of the world's first TS Sharing Program, which will make DNA genetic samples available to researchers around the world.

NJCTS supports a unique program that provides direct psychological support for families and, at the same time, trains a new cadre of professionals who are knowledgeable about TS and its associated disorders.

The Rutgers-TSANJ Therapeutic Program offers individual and family therapy, programs for school-age children and adults with TS, social skills development sessions, referrals to physicians, and testing services. The program will also feature training and accredited workshops on TS and associated disorders for practitioners, physicians, educators and students.

For more info, go to: http://gsappweb.rutgers.edu/clinic/ts-clinic.php